TiBS PteroStor Edition public release: March 16, 2016.

Teradactyl® is pleased to announce the public release of the True incremental Backup System® PteroStor™ Edition. TiBS PteroStor™ release features a new user interface, enhanced support for Mac, Windows, and GPFS 3.5 & 4.x During beta testing PteroStor™ marked a milestone by supporting over 500TB of primary storage on a single backup server in a 10 hour backup window. The computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory (CSAIL) in Cambridge, MA has placed PteroStor™ into continuous production and clients on annual maintenance plans are being upgraded to the new version Free of charge as part of Teradactyl’s ongoing support services.

The public release of the TiBS PteroStor™ Edition of TiBS marks the 17th year of development in Teradactyl’s synthetic backup consolidation technology. This approach has proven very successful in protecting unstructured data sets with low levels of commonality frequently found in scientific and research environments. The addition of GPFS support to augment the extensive list of supported operating and file systems, further extends Teradactyl’s capabilities in complex heterogeneous computing environments.

Teradactyl LLC. is a storage company providing software, hardware, and storage subsystems for backup system infrastructure for medium to large institutions. Teradactyl® specializes in complex heterogeneous computing environments that include specialty file systems for high performance computing & wide area networks. The True incremental Backup System® (TiBS) is designed specifically for unstructured data sets commonly found in research and scientific communities. Advanced time and size based synthetic backup consolidation transfers only new and changed data from the clients to the backup servers. All lower level backup volumes including new full backup volumes are produced on the servers without the need for network interaction. Teradactyl protects operating system, global file system, HPC file system, and network file system platforms in a single comprehensive solution. Please learn about how Teradactyl provides Unique technology for Unique data.

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TiBS PteroStor Edition

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