Teradactyl releases GPFS backup solution: March 29, 2016.

Teradactyl releases support for GPFS backup for 3.5 and 4.1 versions with a client module for the True incremental Backup System® (TiBS), PteroStor™ Edition. GPFS is a high-performance clustered file system developed by IBM. Teradactyl provides the ability, after an initial full baseline backup, to implement a True incremental Backup on the cluster. Incremental changes are synthetically consolidated with other data in the system to produce lower level backups including Full Backup Volumes. This technology mitigates the need for subsequent cluster full backups thus making it feasible to protect large cluster computing with minimal impact on the environment.

TiBS automatically backs up and restores the ACL’s, extended attributes, and additional metadata attributes for GPFS volumes. Our unique parse, snap, scan approach divides the cluster in manageable backup volumes leveraging more parallel processing capabilities in TiBS. Our AFS capabilities were adapted to support GPFS-FPO or file placement optimization. Restores can be returned to the current pool, prior pool, or restored elsewhere with ACL exceptions clearly noted. With the stability of the True incremental Backup System® and mount points at either end of GPFS asynchronous or synchronous replication locations organizations can easily enable bi-directional local point of restore. Know your data is protected because TiBS GPFS backup keeps immutable files safe from silent error bit flips and active data protected from these and other unforeseen failures. We detect errors often unreported and missed by standard file system monitoring tools.

This GPFS file solution is available in a turnkey cLuster Guard™ appliance for easy deployment and reliable performance in high density computing environments. cLuster Guard™ appliances were developed in response to reports that various hardware platforms were experiencing electrical interruptions between HDD rotational media and server backplanes in high density HPC environments. It was determined that harmonic interference generated from high density rotational media caused distortions in the chassis of various systems within the HPC ecosystem resulting in soft errors. After developing and testing a number of prototypes, new custom servers with hardened chassis, enhanced vibration isolation, and redesigned backplanes were brought into production.

Teradactyl LLC. is a storage company providing software, hardware, and storage subsystems for backup system infrastructure for medium to large institutions. Teradactyl® specializes in complex heterogeneous computing environments that include specialty file systems for high performance computing & wide area networks. The True incremental Backup System® (TiBS) is designed specifically for unstructured data sets commonly found in research and scientific communities. Advanced time and size based synthetic backup consolidation transfers only new and changed data from the clients to the backup servers. All lower level backup volumes including new full backup volumes are produced on the servers without the need for network interaction. Teradactyl protects operating system, global file system, HPC file system, and network file system platforms in a single comprehensive solution. Please learn about how Teradactyl provides Unique technology for Unique data.

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TiBS PteroStor Edition

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