Teradactyl LLC. Statement of Capabilities

North American Statement

Background on Teradactyl LLC.

Teradactyl, LLC. is headquartered in Albuquerque, NM. The company was founded in 1999 to provide innovative backup and storage technologies to serve the rapid growth in enterprise and high performance computing capacity Teradactyl is located at 2450 Baylor Drive S.E., Albuquerque, NM, 87106. Phone: (505) 338-6000, Web site: www.teradactyl.com

Teradactyl Products and Services

Teradactyl’s flagship product is the True incremental Backup System® (TiBS). TiBS is a software application that employs centralized servers for backup and recovery of operating systems, network file systems, cluster file systems, and global file systems. Our unique patented technology, TeraMerge®, takes an initial full backup of the data on a client computer system and then only requires the transfer of data which is new or has changed since the previous backup to be sent across the network to the backup server. The TiBS backup server is capable of merging the True incremental Backup volumes with the existing backup data to create multiple lower level backups, including differential and other forms of cumulative incremental (CI), partial cumulative incremental (PCI), and consolidated full, backup volumes. This multiple level & multiple volume synthetic consolidation process is performed entirely on the backup server without the need for network intervention. Periodic full network backups are not required to maintain expedient restore times. Our TeraMerge® technology significantly reduces the impact of backup processing on both client computer systems and the network by eliminating the need for periodic full and lower level network backups.

Teradactyl is an authorized Spectra Logic Corporation reseller and provides our clients with the full line of tape libraries that will lower storage management costs, reduce risk, and protect your investment. Having access to the broad range of products and services from Spectra enables Teradactyl to offer a comprehensive solution and single point of contact to our customers.  This also significantly enhances both backup and archive capabilities for easy and self managed multi-layered solution sets. We also offer SKLM encryption package for FiPS-2 certified data at rest on both LTO and IBM TS11xx drives on all Spectra Logic T-Series libraries.

Teradactyl offers OnSite services for client installations, configuration, and training. With this option, Teradactyl will send engineers and/or training support staff to your facilities to expedite the setup and configuration of new TiBS servers. Changes in configuration, such as the addition of a new operating or network file system, can be facilitated by hiring Teradactyl engineers to visit your site and quickly make the improvements to the backup system architecture. Training or retraining of your staff in the use of TiBS is also available either at your location or off site.

Teradactyl provides custom engineering services. In these instances, we form research projects that are funded by one or more Teradactyl clients and may also include government research funding. This gives us the ability to contract additional resources to meet your needs. Fixed cost projects are generally structured. In some instances, a time and material basis is used for charging costs to interested clients. We want to give all our customers the maximum flexibility in conforming TiBS to their environment and procedures.

Annual software maintenance plans are priced as a fixed percentage of the software purchase price. These fees are charged annually and are due at the beginning of each contract period. Incremental support fees vary by type of service and are discounted at different rates for Teradactyl annual support plan customers based on plan type. Please contact Teradactyl for additional information.

Teradactyl offers all clients the ability to apply 100% of their software purchase price toward product version upgrades! For instance, you can buy the Lite Version today, and only pay the difference in cost when you are ready to move to the TiBS Full Version in the future.

Pricing & Purchasing Information

All product and service offerings listed are offered for sale in U.S. Dollars. Signed software license agreements and software maintenance agreements are required for Teradactyl software activation. Orders are not binding upon Teradactyl until accepted by Teradactyl. Terms of payment are within Teradactyl's sole discretion.

Teradactyl offers lease to own programs for qualified customers. Programs include all Teradactyl software. Spectra Logic products and services purchased through Teradactyl are also available for financing. Multi-year software maintenance agreements qualify with the purchase of software. These programs are now available to certain government agencies. Please contact your sales representative for more information.

Teradactyl is an eligible and registered U.S. small business concern. Teradactyl is registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) with the U.S. Government and registered under additional programs. Teradactyl does not guarantee the availability of Teradactyl products and services outside of the United States of America. If this transaction involves an export under the Export Administration Regulations, the commodities, technology and/or software sold or distributed under these terms and conditions of sale exported from the United States by Teradactyl LLC. were exported in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations.

Please contact Teradactyl for more information on pricing, purchasing, export, or other legal terms and conditions.

Teradactyl Customer References

Teradactyl sells to clients in the commercial, education, and government sectors. We are very proud of our customer base. These clients have consented to accept calls concerning Teradactyl and TiBS:

U.S. Department of Energy, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
Contact: Ray Pasetes
Phone: (630) 840-5250 (Unsecured)
E-Mail: rayp@fnal.gov
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 500 Batavia, IL 60510-0500

Carnegie Mellon University, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Contact: Jim McKinney, System Administrator Manager, ECE
Phone: (412) 268-5141
E-Mail: jmck@ece.cmu.edu
Mailing Address: 5000 Forbes Avenue, HH 1304 Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Vanderbilt University and the Advanced Computing Center for Research & Education (ACCRE)
Contact: Alan Tackett, Ph.D., Director for the High Performance Computing and Storage Center
Phone: (615) 322-1028
E-Mail: alan.tackett@vanderbilt.edu
Mailing Address: 143 Hill Student Center Nashville, TN 37203

Supported Operating & Network File Systems as of October 2014

Operating System Architecture TiBS Client TiBS Server
Digital Unix Alpha YES
FreeBSD Intel YES
Linux Intel YES Ubuntu & CentOS
Mac OSX Intel YES
NetBSD Intel YES
OpenSolaris Intel YES
Solaris Sparc & Intel YES
Windows Intel YES

Specialty Network & High Performance Computing File Systems

Andrew File System - IBM AFS
Andrew File System – OpenAFS
L-Store File System
ScalaFS (Beta)
Spectrum Scale GPFS

True incremental Backup System® support for Network Filers as Primary Storage

Filers by Hitachi Data Systems Corporation deployed as Primary Storage are supported backup clients by the True incremental Backup System®.

Dell® EMC® Data Domain® filers deployed as TiBS backup server storage sub-systems are supported Disk Library targets by the True incremental Backup System®.

NetApp® filers deployed as Primary Storage are supported backup clients by the True incremental Backup System®.

NOTE: If you have operating or file systems that are not listed here please call our research center and let us know. Our backup client can be easily ported to just about any UNIX platform.

Emergency Response: Any client who is on an annual maintenance plan and declares a site disaster recovery emergency is automatically given priority to Teradactyl OnSite services. One or more Teradactyl technical support staff members will be sent to your location as quickly as possible after we receive a valid authorization to engage our services. OnSite standard pricing, terms, and conditions apply. In the event of a true emergency, Teradactyl will focus its resources on support of its existing customers.

Teradactyl Contact Information

Teradactyl LLC.
2450 Baylor Drive
Albuquerque, NM 87106
Phone: (505) 338-6000
www.teradactyl.com or info@teradactyl.com

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Teradactyl LLC. Statement of Capabilities