Application Service Provider Support Plan

Service Provider Support: TiBS Application Service Provider (ASP) Basic Maintenance Service Plan includes automatic software updates and enhancements and access to Teradactyl® Technical Support during Business Hours and Extended Hours. You may have up to eight (8) technical site contacts within your organization that can submit calls.

Available: 24 Hours X 5 Days Per Week

Program Highlights

  • Eight (8) designated technical site contacts are entitled to one year of unlimited phone, e-mail, and web-based support for installation, configuration, usage issues, "work-around's," patches, maintenance releases and product updates during Business Hours and Extended Hours.
  • Automatic minor and major feature releases for the supported software.
  • New bug fixes when available.
  • Customers with an Enterprise Site License will receive new Operating System support when available.
  • Access to the customer support center Anytime on an incremental basis at a 25% discount.
  • ASP Basic priority response time on all calls.
  • To maintain familiarity with your site and those issues unique to it, we appoint a designated support expert.
  • Unlimited number of cases
  • Additional 10% discount on corporate rates for subsequent Teradactyl software purchases!

ASP Basic Maintenance Plan Service Level Objectives

The targeted initial response time for the ASP Basic Package is listed below. The cost for the ASP Basic Maintenance Service Plan is 25% of the products' purchase price, including processing packs and third party software with a $25,000.00 minimum. Please contact Teradactyl or your authorized sales representative for more information. Whenever customer support is requested, a problem priority level will be assigned to each new case. Priority levels determine the targeted initial response time as well as the priority of the case with respect to other open cases. All opened cases fall into one of the five priority levels.
Initial Response Time
Contact Frequency
1 Hour
Customer is having problems recovering mission critical data from backup and desires immediate assistance.
2 Hours
Customer is having problems with backup or restore processing. A potential for loss of data exists.
4 Hours
Customer is having problems with current product use that is not related to backup or restore processing.
6 Hours
Customer is having problems using a previously unused feature of the product and desires technical assistance.
Next Business Day
Customer is requesting a new product feature that is not currently available.

* Software Maintenance Plans for the True incremental Backup System are based on a percentage of the total product purchase price. For an entity to participate in any Teradactyl ASP Maintenance Plan, the company must be in the business of selling backup services to clients exclusively located in North America and not owned by, a parent of, or a subsidiary of the company purchasing this service agreement. All Teradactyl software (including third party software, if any) must be on the same Teradactyl software maintenance plan. If the entity elects to purchase an ASP Platinum Maintenance plan, the entity will automatically be billed at those rates for annual maintenance charges corresponding to the greater of either the total sum of all purchases multiplied by 25% or $25,000.00 USD on an annual basis. Software purchased between maintenance billing cycles can have the associated maintenance fees prorated to match renewal dates with the existing support contracts.

All designated technical support contacts must be employees of the entity purchasing the software maintenance plan and registered with Teradactyl LLC. Under this plan, our obligation for technical support services is limited exclusively to the entity which purchases the plan and only for issues related to installation, configuration, operation, and maintenance of software sold to the purchaser directly by Teradactyl LLC.

** Teradactyl company holidays are excluded except for Platinum Maintenance customers. Teradactyl observes approximately eight (8) holidays in a calendar year. These holidays are posted in advance. Upcoming dates can be found in the support section of our web site.

*** Teradactyl makes every effort to meet the off hour customer needs ("Anytime Support") but availability is not guaranteed outside of maintenance plan hours unless scheduled support units are purchased. If your organization requires a service level guarantee on a continuous basis, e.g. 24 Hour support, seven days a week including Teradactyl Holidays, our ASP Platinum Maintenance Plan should be purchased. The ASP Basic and ASP Platinum Maintenance programs include call center infrastructure to meet service level guarantee requirements.

This service plan is currently only available in North America. If you are located in another country and are interested in this program, please contact us.

An authorized representative of the purchaser must sign both a Teradactyl software license agreement and software maintenance agreement to enroll in this program. For more information please send you questions to

ASP Basic Annual Maintenance Plan Version #090806