Contract Teaming Partner

Join the Flight to Quality

Teradactyl® is a highly capable contract teaming partner that can provide your customers with state of the art technology at extremely competitive pricing. We exhibit a dynamic portfolio of world class institutions that deploy our solutions both internally and externally for prime contracting activities. Teradactyl® can perform as a dedicated sub-contracting partner that responds quickly and effectively to present the best unified solution. We recognize that you have many options for partnerships but Teradactyl will have both your needs and those of our customer in absolute focus. No other business will demonstrate the commitment in all aspects of the project than Teradactyl.

Teradactyl® provides both commercial off the shelf (COTS) and custom engineering solutions (CES). We exhibit this technology prowess in our hardware and software design solutions for numerous institutions over the last 17 years. Clients with unique unstructured data sets will quickly see the inherent value in our approach to backup and archive operations. We are supporting over 500TB of primary storage per backup server with backup windows limited to 10 - 12 hours. Given the appropriate storage subsystems and our more efficient use of these resources, bidding with Teradactyl can reduce your cost, data center foot print, ongoing operational expenses, and ultimately give your client better ROI than the competition. Teradactyl® is pleased to discuss our capabilities in detail as it pertains to projects you are considering. Please contact us for more information.

Teradactyl® complementary products and those from our partners are designated via extensive analysis, collaboration, and experience. We will never force a solution upon our contract teaming partners but will effectively promote, sell, and support the products that originate from our offering to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize points of contact. References are available from our customers and suppliers to support this claim. Partnership with Teradactyl® is a commitment that we jointly share to provide the best support available for our clients. Enterprise class disk and tape targets are all available in a turnkey solution from Teradactyl®.

Teradactyl® offers choices in financing programs in the U.S.A. for qualified customers including many university, local, state, and federal programs that have been pre-approved with our financing partners. Terms and conditions apply so please contact us for more information on how these could potentially benefit our competitive contract teaming position.