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Teradactyl Government Backup Solutions

Teradactyl sells direct to government, supplies infrastructure to prime contractors, and teams with global integrators to deliver solutions in any project structure. For well over a decade, we have supported federal contracts in core infrastructure capacities. To date, Teradactyl has retained 100% of it’s federal clients and continues to expand our installed base. Now, friendly governments abroad are also looking at Teradactyl for state of the art solutions for big data.

Teradactyl has solutions that are able to grow in capacity and simply being overlooked in storage benefits. We have hardened appliances, software, and storage systems that manage operating and file system platforms that are not even available solutions with our competitors. We deployed the first HPC purpose built backup appliance for multiple HPC file systems, design for, and test in, HPC centers, and deploy custom engineering solutions for unique platform or security requirements.

Teradactyl has Spectra Logic Corporation as a complementary partners to augment our backup, storage, and archive solutions with a single unified purchasing and support vendor. We are 100% U.S. owned and operated as an entirely independent private limited liability company. Our focus is solely on the protection & data integrity of our clients in highly complex and big data environments while providing solutions that don’t require compromise. SAM registered with active federal contracts in multiple agencies. Please select from the categories below to learn more about our products and visit our services section as well to see comprehensive solutions for your government agency.

Teradactyl® was formed in January of 1999 with the purpose of developing heterogeneous backup system software for complex research environments with uncommon and unstructured data. We began working with the leading Universities upon inception and the U.S. Department of Energy beginning in 2002. We have continued to build relationships with other federal agencies in large installations through both direct to agency contracts or via prime contractors. Teradactyl has a focus on large scale systems with low commonality, unusual file systems, and demanding response times. The True incremental Backup System® provides solutions that are as Unique as the data you seek to protect. Our relationships with the top computer science and artificial intelligence departments in U.S. Higher Education brings a unique understanding of security frameworks and complex network infrastructures. Teradactyl has government backup solutions built for science and research. We handle the platforms and scale that the competitors don't offer or experience performance problems. Please take a few minutes to learn more about our firm and technology.

Teradactyl® was approached by a U.S. High Performance Computing Center (HPC) to explore the possibility of building industrial servers capable of withstanding heavy harmonic pressure in densely packed high energy physics processing environments AND to develop compatibility with TiBS for a new global file system! We completed both projects and the new Teradactyl® purpose built backup appliances now function as both HPC cluster servers and backup systems in a 6.5+ PB state of the art HPC center. This technology collaboration now benefits our clients with even the small 2U servers sharing the benefits of this research. Teradactyl® appliances are made of the highest quality components for demanding applications. We are the choice for government backup solutions.

Teradactyl® used the quality construction and testing process from our purpose built backup appliance collaboration with U.S. High Performance Computing Centers to build an enterprise JBOD system for backup storage. While typically viewed as commodity hardware, we invested in the best chassis, enterprise SAS rotational media, and additional components to offer a superior storage platform. Teradactyl® takes data integrity very seriously and our systems are designed for years of dependable heavy I/O operations. Teradactyl integrated Direct Attached Storage (TiDAS™) is the enterprise class JBOD to protect your data and ensure your future. The perfect choice for government backup solutions.