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Backup Solutions for Education

Teradactyl has worked intimately with higher education since our inception in 1999. We identify current and emerging growth issues, new technologies, and changes in policies that can impact both storage and retention requirements. Teradactyl has designed solutions for unique file systems, perfected backup servers that each protect 100’s of TB of unique data per day, and provide enterprise class storage that exceeds standard industry quality while still beating their price. Designed for education, built for education, refined by education, and priced for education is the four best reasons to consider Teradactyl.

Given our history we also understand the business of education. Administration, departmental, research, and storage policy considerations are all factors in how a system needs to be designed and deployed. Our systems provide the ability to organize and prioritize your data to meet these competing objectives. Unlike other platforms, we can create granularity in data sources and users to provide focused storage solutions to meet recovery point objectives and retention times without being forced to deploy the same expensive solution for all aspects of university business.

Teradactyl also designs solutions for specialty file systems. In Pittsburgh, we designed solutions for AFS and then OpenAFS that benefited organizations around the world. In Nashville, we developed solutions for L-Store that is emerging as the next generation big data solution for high energy physics. In Boston, we design solutions for a world class Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, and in Switzerland, we design solutions for Object Storage in clusters with embedded file systems. Please select from the categories below to learn more about our products and visit our services section as well to see comprehensive solutions for your educational institution.

The True incremental Backup System protects the unstructured data, specialty file systems, and diverse computing platforms. Teradactyl software is used by Universities tied for First Place as the Best Computer Science Graduate Schools in the United States of America.