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Commercial Backup Solutions

Teradactyl delivers commercial backup solutions that can easily scale with your business. Our experience in big data scientific and research environments gives us a unique understanding of complex IT environments and emerging technologies. Artificial intelligence, high performance computing, imaging, pharmaceuticals, and planetary mapping are just some of the unique data sets that organizations protect with Teradactyl.

A single specialty file system, a department, single location, national network, or international conglomerates have solutions available from Teradactyl that bring some of the most sophisticated backup, file system, and storage technologies available in a single turnkey solution. We consult with your team to determine your operating systems, file systems, NAS, SAN, regulatory requirements, security concerns, etc. and propose solutions to address these critical business issues. It should also be noted that policies can be tuned to fit business units and classes of systems. Storage can also be allocated to specific technologies based on access time, data assurance requirements, retention rates, and even hardened from electromagnetic pulse events.

Teradactyl not only designs the software, we design and test hardware in high performance computing environments to build the best backup and storage platforms for continuous operations. We are also pleased to include a few select vendors as complementary products to provide your organization with turnkey solutions in a single vendor point of contact. Tape and Disk storage platforms are all available for both primary and secondary storage requirements. Please select from the product categories below to learn more about our products and visit our services section as well to see comprehensive solutions for your business.

Tape solutions lower cost, reduce risk, and easily scale in capacity as your needs evolve. TiBS Automated Tape Library Interface software module is compatible with virtually all leading tape library manufacturers, robotic libraries, and tape technologies. Teradactyl maintains a broad base of large installation clients using robotic tape libraries in addition to disk storage sub-systems. Tape technology has evolved considerably since we started business in January of 1999. Many of the technologies available at the time have been retired and new ones have emerged. Today, we see three major tape technologies; LTO, IBM TS series, and Oracle T series. Teradactyl provides two different automated tape library interface (ATLI) modules. Teradactyl supports all three technologies with a standard ATLI and an Automated Cartridge System Library Software (ACSLS) ATLI edition for Oracle® StorageTEK® robotic systems. Both of these modules do far more than than just initiating mechanical operations in the robot. TiBS monitors the health and usage of these systems, automatically maintains cleaning cycles, takes corrective measures for unexpected device behavior, temporarily removes drives from service for suspected malfunctions, and provides detailed reporting on health and performance. Visit our page for the Automated Tape Library Interface Software Modules

Teradactyl LLC. is an Authorized Spectra Logic Reseller. Visit our Robotic Library Products Page