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Turnkey backup systems for Application Service Providers

Teradactyl® licensed our software for departments in education with the service provider backup objective in the 90’s to help universities leverage their investment in infrastructure. We have never had per seat charges and annual software support plans have always remained a fixed percentage of software purchase price. We decided in 1999 to license utility software on platforms and processing power. Teradactyl can consolidate protection of hundreds of Terabytes of primary storage on a single server in a daily True incremental Backup. It should be noted that we are a company focused on Unique data sets. If your objective is to provide solutions to scientific, research, or other uncommon data – we have the best available technology. Please note that we understand a percentage of data will include common operating system and file system base-line installs on assets that can be directed to complementary deduplication appliance storage pools for optimum consolidation.

Teradactyl® offers custom engineering solutions and API hooks for deep integration with your brand and environment. In addition to disk storage, our technology will enable your organization to leverage high density robotic tape solutions. ASP's seeking government or other contracts with national security implications such as banking, will have distinct advantages by leveraging Teradactyl solutions to position more effectively in this highly competitive market. Please select from the categories below to learn more about our products and visit our services section as well to see comprehensive solutions for your business.