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Software Support Plans: Software product support categories: Get information on annual software maintenance and incremental support options. Teradactyl annual software maintenance customers get new editions of TiBS FREE. Best of all, the price of our support remains a fixed percentage of the software purchase price. Since January of 1999, it's a promise made and a promise kept.

Teradactyl stands by our customers for all support issues on products we sell. If you have an issue with a 3rd party product, we will help to isolate the problem and assist in resolution. Just pick a hardware support category from our esteemed complementary partners and still use us for an initial point of contact.

Teradactyl offers OnSite services for client installations, configuration, and training. With this option, Teradactyl will send engineers and training support staff to your facilities to expedite the setup and configuration of new TiBS servers. Changes in configuration, such as the addition of new operating system clients, can be facilitated by hiring Teradactyl engineers to visit your site and quickly make changes to your system(s). Training or retraining of your staff in the use of TiBS is also available at your location.

Teradactyl is always willing to provide "refresher training" for interested clients. This is quite valuable if your organization has recently restructured, lost staff, or added additional personnel. Lesson plan topics can be determined by Teradactyl or submitted by the client.

In larger installations, Teradactyl recommends intensive OnSite training for at least two employees during the initial deployment of TiBS for a period of one to three weeks depending on the size of the facility. During that time, a combination of training sessions and work on the deployment of the backup server(s) will help to ensure that staff members are properly prepared for the full deployment of TiBS over the next several weeks.

Once the intensive OnSite training is completed, on-going training may continue via e-mail and phone requests to Teradactyl support staff. The two primary staff members may then train other staff members in appropriate sub-functions such as installing windows clients or resolving AFS backup errors as appropriate.

TiBS Standard Maintenance provides for two primary contacts, so this is the minimum number recommended for the intensive training session. If an alternate maintenance contract is selected, with a provision for additional site contacts, we recommend scheduling them for training as well. This program includes training for up to eight people.

Any client who is on an annual maintenance plan and declares a site disaster recovery emergency is automatically given priority to Teradactyl OnSite services. One or more Teradactyl technical support staff members will be sent to your location as quickly as possible after we receive a valid authorization to engage our services. OnSite standard pricing, terms, and conditions apply. In the event of a true emergency, Teradactyl will focus its resources on support of its existing customers.

Teradactyl holds Technology Summits periodically depending upon customer interest. Teradactyl customers get the opportunity to network with each other, learn about new product advancements, and receive briefings on current Teradactyl custom engineering or research projects.

It is also a great opportunity for customers to share information on hardware or complementary software deployed or tested with TiBS resulting in either positive or negative outcomes. We intend these round table discussions to assist other customers in planning for future upgrades or avoiding potentially costly mistakes.

First Class Service

This is one of our most popular services. Teradactyl realizes that each IT environment is a little different. However, virtually all commercial backup and recovery software manufacturers provide a set solution with optional accessories but no customization. In some instances features are not available which would provide significant value or utility to an individual site. Often we find that other customers also require these capabilities.

Teradactyl takes all requests for enhancements seriously and we try to incorporate those that provide the most benefit to the widest customer base. Sometimes, however, we can't schedule engineering for a specific request or may not be able to design and implement the request in a time suitable to the client. In these instances, we form research projects that are funded by one or more Teradactyl clients and in some instances government research funding. This gives us the ability to contract additional resources to meet your needs. Fixed cost projects are generally structured. In some instances, a time and material basis is used for charging costs to interested clients. We want to give all our customers the maximum flexibility in conforming TiBS to their environment and procedures.

Proposals for Custom Engineering projects will occasionally be e-mailed to clients to solicit input on desired features for the client base as a whole or in an effort to secure more project participants and funding. Teradactyl retains all legal rights to technology developed or associated with Custom Engineering projects. A significant number of Teradactyl clients use this service and availability of the necessary resources is on a first come, first served, basis.

Teradactyl clients who are on an annual maintenance plan may include a customer only Teradactyl e-mail account in their TiBS server settings to send the daily reports to members of our enterprise services group. A Teradactyl staff member will personally (not electronically) scan these reports.

We examine the reports with a more detailed familiarity of both the TiBS software and strange hardware interactions commonly experienced with backup systems across a number of large distributed processing facilities such as yours. We often can identify problems or suspicious results in advance of an actual failure and alert your designated staff so that they may investigate the matter more closely. This optional service is available to annual maintenance customers only. Please contact us for availability and pricing.

Teradactyl clients who are on an annual maintenance plan and are considering, testing, or intend to deploy hardware that they reasonably believe may have compatibility issues with TiBS, can request a free Teradactyl engineering investigation to identify potential problems and solutions. If the hardware can be made available via remote access for testing at your location or that of the manufacturer, Teradactyl will assist in interoperability testing free of charge. This is a common practice for interoperability assurance with large purchases such as robotic tape libraries.

Teradactyl performs compatibility testing on operating and file systems in addition to hardware platforms. Organizations seeking to deploy a currently unsupported platform may request a review. Subject to Teradactyl's findings, the company may make the client available for the platform, offer to port to the platform under a fee based custom engineering project, or decline to support the platform. All decisions are at the sole discretion of Teradactyl.

Teradactyl continues to research new and improved ways for backing up and protecting large scale distributed processing environments. Research is periodically published for the benefit of the IT community in general. This information is made available on our web site and occasionally presented at conferences such as High Performance Computing, Networking, and Storage and the AFS & Kerberos Best Practices Workshop.

Teradactyl Enterprise Services is a corporate division strategically placed between sales and engineering to maintain consistency with our sales staff, customer support, and engineering & development team. This division provides an array of services of its own and assists in technical sales & basic technical support. After reading this page, please ask yourself if your backup software company or integrator does all this for you.

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