TiDAS™ - Enterprise Class JBOD Array

Teradactyl integrated Direct Attached Storage

TiDAS Enterprise JBOD Arrays

Produced by Teradactyl for TiBS Appliances

  • May be specified with SAS, HDD, FIPS-2 compliant HDD, or FIPS-2 certified HDD media
  • Heavy steel vibration isolated chassis system
  • 12Gb/s back plane
  • Intelligent Enclosure Management
  • Individual drive power management
  • Cutting edge performance and scalability
  • Easy deployment
  • Expander Self-discovery/Self-configuration
  • Connect Mini SAS port to host or expansion
  • Supports SES-2 (SCSI Enclosure Service)
  • Hot swap design for easy maintenance and management)
  • Drive trays support optional interposers
  • Adjust Thermal Profile
  • Hot-swap Fans
  • Supports Active Bezel
TiDAS | Quality JBOD Enterprise Class Storage 45 Degree Image

TiDAS Enterprise JBOD 12Gb/s Pro Series

TiDAS Enterprise JBOD 12Gb/s
NEW TiDAS™ Higher Capacity & Faster Access Enterprise JBOD's

TiDAS™ Enterprise JBOD Appliances

TiDAS™ Teradactyl integrated Direct Attached Storage

Announcing the Purpose Built Backup Storage Sub-System Appliance specifically for Teradactyl® Products

Hardened bent steel high quality & vibration tested chassis frame, redundant power, communications, and high-density storage. Teradactyl introduces competitive appliance solutions in a turnkey package. The TiDAS™ appliance is constructed with enterprise drives and state of the art HBA options. The solid chassis construction, 6 Gb/s & 12 Gb/s SAS backplanes and 8TB standard SAS or 12TB optional SAS drives*, with flexible connectivity technologies are the best available balance in quality and performance.

Fully integrated Teradactyl Hardware and Software Solution

Teradactyl® builds only the best with enterprise class software found in the True incremental Backup System®, Aerie™ & cLuster Guard™ enterprise class backup appliances, and newly enhanced TiDAS™ enterprise class JBOD appliances. With world class organizations counting on Teradactyl as their last line of data assurance, commodity hardware is just not good enough. If you need Enterprise JBOD quality, Teradactyl state of the art systems will meet your requirements.

The brand known for loyalty is Teradactyl

Teradactyl is the company that attracts and retains the best names in HPC, Scientific, and Research Computing. Our technology is tested and proven both in our laboratories and in production beta sites from world-class institutions. We have the trust in our way of working with intellectual property, technology, ethics, and business to protect the present and ensure future development in emerging technologies. Teradactyl is a scientific research company with a focus on Unique Solutions for Unstructured Data Environments.

* based on availability