cLuster Guard™

Purpose Built Backup Appliances for TiBS PteroStor™ Edition HPC Applications

cLuster Guard Purpose Built Backup Appliances for HPC
  • Designed by Teradactyl® for robust backup processing of HPC filesystems
  • FiPS-2 Certified components for NIST 800-171
  • Lustre®, GPFS, L-Store™ client support available
  • cLuster Guard™ blends SSD & HDD storage for backup processing
  • Redundant Power & Cooling
  • Hot Swap Enterprise SAS Drives
  • Intelligent Platform Management Interface
  • ALL lines Tape Storage Subsystem Ready
  • Tool-less design supports quick installation and easy maintenance of drive trays, top covers, backplane, and slide rails
  • Standard and ACSLS Robotic Tape Library Support
  • Stack & Rack Capacity Growth
  • Ethernet, Fiber, SAS, and InfiniiBand Options
  • Appliance includes TiBS PteroStor™ HPC Software Stack
cLusterGuard™ 60 clutch Front45

cLusterGuard™ 60Clutch
Available with TiBS PteroStor™ Edition in any configuration


cLusterGuard™ 36Clutch
Available with TiBS PteroStor™ Edition in any configuration

cLusterGuard™ 24 Clutch Backup Appliance

cLusterGuard™ 24Clutch
Available with TiBS PteroStor™ Edition in any configuration

cLusterGuard™ 16 Clutch Backup Appliance

cLusterGuard™ 16Clutch
Available with TiBS PteroStor™ Edition in any configuration

cLusterGuard™ 12 Clutch Backup Appliance

cLusterGuard™ 12Clutch
Available with TiBS PteroStor™ Edition in any configuration

cLuster Guard™ HPC Backup Appliances

New cLuster Guard™ HPC Purpose Built Backup Appliances

Teradactyl® PBBA's for HPC are designed for industrial computing applications. The units are built with heavy steel chassis construction and superior vibration isolation, redundant premium power supplies, SAS enterprise HDD, SSD for OS and application space, and easy external hot swap access to your rotational media. The built in Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI2) provides powerful hardware and control functions independent of OS and application operation for precision analysis of appliance operation and performance. cLuster Guard™ appliances are configurable with a full array of HBA options for optimum connectivity in virtually any environment.

Fully integrated Teradactyl® Hardware and Software Solution

We built and tested cLuster Guard™ in high performance computing environments (HPC). This hardware configuration is currently supporting over 11PB in our primary hardware collaboration center running several HPC file systems and a heterogeneous mixture of operating systems and research data sets. TiBS PteroStor™ Edition Full Version provides unified data protection on the cLuster Guard™ appliance line.

Industrial Backup Appliances for HPC Data Assurance

Quality software and hardware are essential for HPC operations. TiBS PteroStor™ Edition supports over 500TB of primary storage per backup appliance with a full range of storage subsystem options including SSD, HDD, and Tape. With perpetual True incremental Backup and tiered storage, HPC managers can maintain cost control while HPC system administrators can offer flexible backup strategies, retention policies, and omit rule structures to satisfy competing interests. Try Teradactyl® and gain the confidence of an end to end quality solution.

Are You Unique?

Teradactyl® has what you need to deploy and grow your very own backup cloud infrastructure while maintaining complete ownership and control. Teradactyl® specializes in large unstructured data sets in complex heterogeneous computing environments. Contact Teradactyl® for the most advanced systems to protect your digital assets.

  • FiPS-2 Certified components for NIST 800-171
  • Easy Trouble Identification
  • Parallel transfer of True incremental changes over the network
  • Choose between disk, tape, an combined data storage modules
  • Multiple levels of data integrity verification
  • 100% of software purchase price can be applied to Version Upgrades!
  • Wide Platform Selection: Operating Systems, Specialty File Systems, and NAS Appliances Supported
  • License more platforms, storage options, and parallel processes as needed
  • Rigorously tested and validated to provide worry free backup operations
  • Enterprise Quality Vibration Tested Chassis
  • Single Pass Restores
  • Easy Drive Bay Access
  • Easy Hot Swap Repairs
  • User Replaceable Hot and Cold Swap Drives
  • Additional Disk and Tape Storage Ready
  • SSD for OS and TiBS Application Performance
  • Dual Power Supplies
  • 3 Year & 5 Year Support Plans Available
  • No Media Return Option Available
NEW cLuster Guard™ PBBA's for GPFS, Lustre®, and L-Store™ HPC Platforms