The NEW Aerie™ Enterprise Backup Appliances

Aerie™ Enterprise Backup Appliances

Aerie™ Enterprise Backup Appliances are designed by Teradactyl for TIBS PteroStor™ Edition. Developed in conjunction with the leading U.S. Universities and HPC centers for years of dependable continuous operation

  • 12Gb/s SAS expander chip on backplane for efficient backup and restore processing
  • Hot Swap Enterprise SAS HDD Drives. Multiple capacity options available
  • SSD OS & TiBS Application Space
  • Intelligent Platform Management Interface
  • Specially designed hot swap PWM and low power consumption fans minimize rotational vibration and provide superior cooling
  • 80+ premium redundant power supply units
  • LED indicators for Power, LAN, Drive, and Alerts
  • Tool-less design supports quick installation and easy maintenance of drive trays, top covers, backplane, and slide rails
  • ALL lines compatible with TiDAS, JBOD, and Tape Storage Subsystems
  • Stack & Rack Capacity Growth
  • Ethernet, Fiber, SAS, and InfiniiBand Options
Aerie™ Enterprise Backup Appliances
AERIE 60 clutch Front45

Aerie™ 60Clutch
Available with TiBS PteroStor™ Edition in any configuration

Aerie™ 36Clutch

Aerie™ 36Clutch
Available with TiBS PteroStor™ Edition in any configuration

Aerie 24 Clutch Backup Appliance

Aerie™ 24Clutch
Available with TiBS PteroStor™ Edition in any configuration

Aerie 16 Clutch Backup Appliance

Aerie™ 16Clutch
Available with TiBS PteroStor™ Edition in any configuration

Aerie 12 Clutch Backup Appliance

Aerie™ 12Clutch
Available with TiBS PteroStor™ Edition in any configuration

Aerie [air-ee, eer-ee] noun: the nest of a bird of prey

Aerie Purpose Built Backup Appliances

New Aerie™ Enterprise Class Purpose Built Backup Appliances

Teradactyl designs premium enterprise backup appliances that are comprised of heavy steel chassis construction with superior vibration isolation, redundant power supplies, SAS enterprise HDD, SSD for OS and application space, and easy external hot swap access to your rotational media. The built in Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI2) provides powerful hardware and control functions independent of OS and application operation for precision analysis of appliance operation and performance. Aerie appliances are configurable with a full array of HBA options for optimum connectivity in virtually any environment.

Fully integrated Teradactyl Hardware and Software Solution

We built and tested platforms in high performance computing environments (HPC). Our testing centers include the most well respected universities in the world. We develop and test on emerging technologies under the most dynamic and pressured systems available to date. Our hardware platforms deserved the same level of scrutiny and we worked for years to get it right. Now, Teradactyl can put it’s name on a Unique configuration (with customizable options) that we know will perform in exacting conditions.

Don't settle for commodity hardware in your disaster recovery environment

Backup storage subsystems are your last line of defense in data assurance. Error detection in the True incremental Backup System® and enterprise class Teradactyl PBBA's provide a superior level of data assurance your organization must have. Don't leave the success of restoring your mission critical IP assets in the hands of cheap software and commodity hardware. Get Teradactyl appliances and gain the confidence of an end to end quality solution.

Are You Unique?

Teradactyl has what you need to deploy and grow your very own backup cloud infrastructure while maintaining complete ownership and control. Teradactyl specializes in large unstructured data sets in complex heterogeneous computing environments. Contact Teradactyl for the most advanced systems to protect your digital assets.

  • Rigorously tested and validated to provide worry free backup operations
  • Enterprise Quality Vibration Tested Chassis
  • Intelligent Enclosure Management
  • Individual drive power management
  • Cutting edge performance and scalability
  • Expander Self-discovery/Self-configuration (connects Mini SAS port to host or expansion)
  • Supports SES-2 (SCSI Enclosure Service)
  • Hot swap design for easy maintenance and management
  • Tool-less drive trays
  • User Replaceable Hot and Cold Swap Drives
  • Easy Drive Bay Access
  • SSD for OS and TiBS Application Performance
  • Adjustable Thermal Profile
  • Additional Disk and Tape Storage Ready
  • Easy deployment
  • Dual Power Supplies
  • 3 Year Hardware Support Plans Available