TiBS Backup Software Modules for Tape Storage

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Standard Tape Library Interface Module for TiBS PteroStor Edition
TiBS PteroStor Edition Tape Storage Modules

Tape as a data storage medium is highly reliable given the appropriate equipment and software system. Teradactyl provides organizations with expertise to deploy tape subsystems with confidence.

ACSLS Compatible Tape Storage Module for PteroStor

Tape Storage Overview

Tape storage systems have been under attack for the last decade led by purveyors of rotational, and flash storage manufacturers and their proponents. For a variety of data applications, however, tape remains the most stable long term economical media available and it keeps improving. Critics cite statistics favoring alternative media options while failing to acknowledge the electro-mechanical failures of platforms they advocate and the software systems used in storage, retrieval, and perhaps ongoing verification of all media types. Teradactyl provides our clients with the ability to use all of the aforementioned media technologies and knows the value and limitations each can provide. Just as important, the True incremental Backup System® incorporates elements for data verification and backup volume repair on all media platforms. This gives us a true baseline of expectations and performance without a bias to prompt a client to use just one form of technology over all others. In this section, we will discuss the role of tape storage in modern data centers and our vision of how to carry your intellectual property forward in the future.

Tape technology has evolved considerably since we started business in January of 1999. Many of the technologies available at the time have been retired and new ones have emerged. Today, we see three major tape technologies; LTO, IBM TS series, and Oracle T series. Teradactyl provides two different automated tape library interface (ATLI) modules. Teradactyl supports all three technologies with a standard ATLI and an Automated Cartridge System Library Software (ACSLS) ATLI edition for Oracle® StorageTEK® robotic systems. Both of these modules do far more than than just initiating mechanical operations in the robot. TiBS monitors the health and usage of these systems, automatically maintains cleaning cycles, takes corrective measures for unexpected device behavior, temporarily removes drives from service for suspected malfunctions, and provides detailed reporting on health and performance.

Teradactyl works with virtually any tape library manufacturer. We can help you confidently leverage the power and cost saving benefits of magnetic media. Teradactyl has multiple processes to verify data integrity, migrate to newer technology, and support mixed technology in the same robot. Our detailed database tracks every file instance on media both on and off site. We can even create different storage pools for various classes and groups of data to provide precise control of cost and performance. This list includes the most common providers but we do support other lines

LTO & TS11xx Tape Systems

Supported Robotic Tape Library Manufacturers

Oracle ACSLS Robotic Tape Library Systems

The True incremental Backup System® PteroStor™ Edition supports ACSLS enabled robotic tape libraries in the StorageTek SL product line! Oracle's StorageTek Automated Cartridge System Library Software (ACSLS) Manager shares resources with any ACSLS-enabled application, allowing you to manage multiple libraries from a single console. Teradactyl offers an Automated Tape Library Interface Module for ACSLS that is widely deployed among our client base. Our experience with this platform originates before the Oracle acquisition of Sun MicroSystems and should be strongly considered in your storage environment. The True incremental Backup System® supports ACSLS.

Teradactyl is an Authorized Spectra Logic Reseller - Click here for Product Information.  We finance qualified buyers!

Teradactyl is an Authorized Spectra Logic Reseller - Click here for Product Information. We finance qualified buyers!

Teradactyl sells LTO & TS11XX media in bulk quantities for better value!

Teradactyl is an authorized Spectra Logic Corporation Reseller