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The True incremental Backup System PteroStor Edition is designed for unstructured data and file systems used by the scientific and research community

We keep you in control of your data

Enterprise data is a complex heterogeneous environment that includes multiple operating systems, file systems, data sources, structured data, unstructured data, tiered storage platforms, and mixed media environments. Teradactyl provides you with a unified software solution that enables you to decide how to backup data within your environment. You can quickly scan complex file systems for new or incremental changes, leverage built in application or file system snap-shot support, stream data directly to storage, catch changes from mobile devices in the field, and initiate immediate backup from the client or the server when you want them. More choices in how and when to complete the backup process results in better data protection and lower operational impact.

Teradactyl knows that simply collecting the new and changing data is only the first step in your data assurance responsibility. Storage management is a complex balance of space management, recovery point objectives, file granularity, retention times, and the frequently overlooked considerations of data change rates. Teradactyl gives you the control needed to place some applications or data on SSD, others on tiered rotational media storage, some on de-duplication appliances, with others going to enterprise tape systems. Retention policies and storage targets remain in your control while synthetic backup consolidation maintains expedient restore times and moves older data to lower cost storage. When time based consolidation is less efficient, such as new systems taking migrated data or old filers with minimal change rates, Teradactyl uses size based change analysis to improve efficiency in storage sub-system utilization.

Data recovery is the true test of any data protection platform. Teradactyl uses the latest advancements in synthetic backup consolidation technology to quickly restore your information to service. We also employ this technology to verify media integrity throughout that data lifecycle management process. Proactive detection of storage sub-system failures to provide you with faster notification of problems, reconsolidation of damaged backup volumes, redirection of data to alternate storage resources, and verification of backup volume integrity in advance of restore requests. Media corruption doesn't have to be the leading contributor to restore failure. Finally a system that is intelligent enough to report the incident, repair the damage, and verify the new backup volume at the new storage location.

TiBS PteroStor Edition Full Version Backup Software

Eliminate periodic network full backups with multi-level synthetic backup consolidation

TiBS PteroStor Lite Version Backup & Archive Software

Eliminate periodic network full backups with two level synthetic backup consolidation

TiBS PteroStor Edition Backup and Archive Software

TiBS PteroStor Edition Basic Version - Software for Backup and Archive of unstructured data

TiBS PteroStor Edition Supported Client Platforms

The Holy Grail of international operations, a global file system that can provide you with a single name space, replicate data between continents, or transport data with unprecedented speed to PetaByte data centers than can scale capacity at will. Teradactyl works with emerging technology developers that provide these solutions to Banking, Government, and Research. We now have begun to integrate our backup system API's with native file system code for the latest scalable global platforms.

Global File System Platforms supported: IBM AFS - OpenAFS - AuriStor® (Alpha Testing in Progress - Currently use AFSv3 mode)

The shuffle continues as HPC centers land unprecedented amounts of data and search for stable platforms to migrate results for data protection, analysis, and distribution. Teradactyl advanced solutions for Lustre®, GPFS 3.5 & 4.x (now being rebranded as Spectrum Scale), and most recently L-Store™. The few data protection companies in this space continue to favor their own platforms while increasing prices and providing very basic functionality. Our solutions are built to include metadata and ACL structures of elastic or varying nature to restore the information you have so heavily invested to produce. Since our inception in 1999, we understood and maintained code that supports file systems with alternate meta-data servers, security frameworks such as Kerberos, and live file system complexities beyond the scope of retail backup vendors. Without a multi-national conglomerate forcing a vendor lock-in, you can migrate protected data to other platforms and escape the periodic license changes that force you to buy more or forfeit your own intellectual property.

High Performance Computing Platforms supported: GPFS 3.5 & 4.x - L-Store™ - Lustre®

The extensive capabilities in Global File Systems and HPC File Systems naturally lend unprecedented capabilities to both open source and commercial proprietary operating systems. Teradactyl has access to developer networks including Apple and Microsoft that are augmented by our beta testing programs at leading universities. Teradactyl maintains active connections with open source developers and contributors to provide support and insight into the evolving code base in widely deployed and specialty constructed distros. Our experience enables us to research solutions faster and offer purpose built backup appliances and client modules, on open source operating system platforms. Government laboratories, educational research institutions, and commercial deployments all benefit from our ability to support platforms that don't get the attention from other firms with multi-national deployments.

Supported platforms include but are not limited to: AIX, HPUX, IRIX, many Linux distros, NFS, Solaris/OpenSolaris, UNIX, Windows Server, and OpenZFS

Filers include but are not limited to: BlueARC®, Data Domain®, and NetAPP®

Note: NFS filers have both a TiBS client and NDMP option. Teradactyl recommends using the TiBS NFS client to enable synthetic backup consolidation and verification of the dump stream transfer and write operations to storage subsystems.

Desktop & laptop systems receive state of the art protection for Linux distros, OSX, and Microsoft Windows with True incremental Backup protection. Backups resume after network disconnect, are encrypted in transit, and can be both scheduled and on demand for end users. Client apps are lightweight for minimal system impact. VSS and other snapshot technology is leveraged where available to maintain a quiescent state for stable and dependable backup operations. Organizations can leverage customizable reporting tools to monitor frequency of backup and confirm that the software platform is up to date. Secure authentication to backup servers and configurable policy management provide valuable tools to control what data will be included or excluded from end user devices. In the event of loss or theft, clients can quickly be removed from authentication lists and data can be restored to a replacement system. With TiBS, you can scan for network storage devices, determine policy, bill for service, and discover unreported or unauthorized network assets. Best of all, Teradactyl has no per seat charges giving you the freedom to add systems immediately and avoid the complexity of procurement systems.

Local Operating System Clients Include: CentOS, debian, FreeBSD, Mac, NetBSD, RedHat Linux, Scientific Linux, Ubuntu, Windows, and OpenZFS