Teradactyl LLC. & Spectra Logic Corporation Technology Partners

A Teradactyl Complementary Products Partner

Teradactyl LLC. is an Authorized Spectra Logic Reseller

Teradactyl is an authorized reseller of goods and services from Spectra Logic Corporation. These products, complement Teradactyl software and hardware lines, and are reflective of the level of quality that our clients have come to expect from us. Spectra robotic tape libraries are enterprise class systems that offer both LTO & TS1160 drive technology. The robotic tape libraries offer superior physical density, state of the art drive systems & robotic controls. All Spectra robotic systems are fully compatible and certified with the True incremental Backup System® for years of dependable operation. Spectra Logic also provides a simple & strait forward migration path for organizations that grow out of their previous configuration with exchangeable components that can be installed into larger systems upon request. The ability to partition the robot and use a mix of tape technologies provides an organization with the ability to separate data and allocate the appropriate costs to the proper centers. TiBS PteroStor™ Edition can easily manage data in distinct storage pools and provide detailed reporting of classes and groups of systems for centralized billing purposes. The combination of our mutual expertise brings a superior turnkey solution to Teradactyl clients with a single initial point of support at Teradactyl. We will proactively monitor performance with TiBS and help you identify and resolve any mechanical issues in the unlikely event they should occur. We can also assist in providing you with media on an ongoing basis to simplify operations and let your staff focus on other responsibilities. Teradactyl is more than just a store for the best tape libraries on the market, we are your ongoing partner in the utilization of this investment. Contact us for information on the full range of Spectra Logic Corporation products and services.

Teradactyl supports Robotic Tape Library Systems from virtually all manufacturers including Oracle ACSLS enabled platforms and IBM Tape Storage Systems. Go Here For More Information

High Capacity Robotic Tape Library Systems for Large Scale Installations

Robotic Tape Libraries for Mid-Size Organizations or Departmental Operations

Entry Level Tape Library with Surprising Capacity
We sell authorized Spectra Logic LTO & 3592 JC Media & Cleaning Cartridges