Introducing the T-Finity Robotic Tape Library System

Spectra TFinity tape library systems are available from Teradactyl

Intelligent Enterprise Storage

The T-Finity Robotic Tape Library System sets a new benchmark in library design. This system offers a highly flexible hardware architecture and an evolutionary management interface. Teradactyl provides the ultimate in robotics as the T-Finity has critical advantages in a value-packed solution including: component redundancy, high-performance dual robotics, industry leading storage density, extreme scalability, energy efficiency, ease of management, integrated encryption and enduring reliability. Beyond the massive capacity of this robotic library, clients and join up to eight libraries into a single complex connected by and exclusive skyway feature! Now you have the power of 16 robots, 320 frames, up to 7.6 EB of storage, and 960 drives processing at 2.4 PB per hour! This is now the highest capacity data storage system in the world.

The T-Finity Tape Library can serve a variety of applications and functions simultaneously, including mass processing of backup system information from the True incremental Backup System. Alternative solutions may require a variety of resources to manage a single library but the BlueScale® user interface manages the entire T-Finity library without any external servers. Manage library configurations, partitions, encryption key management, drive heath, and media life cycle management in a single interface. T-Finity is deeply integrated with the True incremental Backup System®. TiBS can leverage multiple drive technologies and a variety of different partitions for processing and retention policies that have very different purposes. Big Data environments with large scale backup, archive, and long term retention have the ultimate turnkey solution directly from Teradactyl®.

  • Up to 16 robots in 8 Robotic Tape Libraries
  • Mixed Media Technology Supported by Spectra & Teradactyl
  • Capacity: > 400,800 slots: 6.1 EB (compressed LTO-7 technology)
  • Capacity: > 304,920 slots: 7.6 EB (compressed TS1150 technology)
  • Throughput: > 960 drives: over 2.7 PB/hr (compressed LTO-7 technology)
  • Throughput: > 960 drives: over 2.4 PB/hr (compressed TS1150 technology)
  • Redundant Robotics Control Modules (RCM)
  • Redundant I/O and Communications Paths
  • LTO-7, LTO-6, LTO-5 and TS1150 Technology tape drives
  • FIPS compliant tape drives and key manager, using AES-256 bit encryption
Teradactyl is an Authorized Spectra Logic Reseller - Click here for Product Information. We finance qualified buyers!

Teradactyl is an Authorized Spectra Logic Reseller - Click here for Product Information. We finance qualified buyers!

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