Complementary Storage Subsystems for TiBS PteroStor™ Edition

True incremental Backup System® PteroStor™ Edition can use a wide variety of storage subsystems for data pools. Many of these products can be purchased directly through Teradactyl as a turnkey solution with optional financing programs for qualified buyers. We also support many additional SSD, HDD, and Tape solutions not specifically disclosed on this site. Please Contact Us to Learn More.

Disk Storage Subsystems
Teradactyl integrated Direct Attached Storage (TiDAS) - Enterprise JBOD Appliances

Disk Storage Subsystems

Teradactyl integrated Direct Attached Storage (TiDAS™) is a durable enterprise class platform for expanding secondary data storage. Performance and reliability in backup storage subsystems ensure the integrity of your infrastructure and Teradactyl delivers the quality you need. TiDAS™ connects in minutes to Aerie™ and cLuster Guard™ appliances for seamless expansion in TiBS PteroStor™ disk based capacity.

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Tape Storage Subsystems

Tape solutions lower cost, reduce risk, and easily scale in capacity as your needs evolve. TiBS Automated Tape Library Interface software module is compatible with virtually all leading tape library manufacturers, robotic libraries, and tape technologies. Teradactyl maintains a broad base of large installation clients using robotic tape libraries in addition to disk storage sub-systems.

Teradactyl LLC. is an Authorized Spectra Logic Reseller. Learn more.

Tape Storage Subsystems
Sony Advanced Optical Storage Subsystems available from Teradactyl

Optical Storage Subsystems

Optical Archiving provides distinct environmental and longevity advantages over disk and tape storage solutions. Teradactyl maintains our relationship with Sony Corporation as the PetaSite product line transitions from tape to Optical Disc Archive Drives and Libraries. Learn how the latest optical technology can protect your data from harsh environmental conditions and EMP events.

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