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Backup Infrastructure Products

Teradactyl® has been developing backup solutions since January of 1999 with a focus on unstructured and unique datasets commonly generated by scientific and research facilities. During this time we have introduced support for an extensive range of file systems and operating systems not commonly supported by the industry. These capabilities have brought us into many of the leading educational, government, and high performance computing centers in the United States and European Union. Our ability to support big data environments with more efficient use of hardware and physical data center space has made Teradactyl a valuable partner to commercial research centers as well as we provide better return on investment. Teradactyl has maintained virtually all of the clients that make a purchase. This is providing clear evidence of our determination to bring the best customer service experience possible and to maintain cutting edge technology for emerging computing and storage platforms. Teradactyl maintains collaboration agreements with facilities engaged in artificial intelligence, computer engineering, computer science, and high performance computing to develop, test, and deploy the next generation systems. We are the trusted source for backup infrastructure products and services.

Teradactyl has organized products into two main categories for ease of use. We provide a complete turnkey solution. Select your backup software version and options. Finally, look at complementary storage subsystems that can significantly extend the capacity of your Teradactyl server. We are always here to help so if you have any questions just send us a note for fast and easy service. Teradactyl conducts personalized and not mass market business. We will take the time to determine your needs and suitability for potential products and give you an honest assessment of what is right for your situation and organization. We still have the clients when we began this business in 1999 because being ethical matters and we are a company that likes to keep our customers. When you buy products from Teradactyl, you get both a partner and a product.

TiBS Backup Software

TiBS Backup Software

True incremental Backup System® (TiBS) Enterprise Class backup software can eliminate periodic network full backups on more operating and file system platforms than any other vendor. Three product versions to scale with your data size.

T-Finity Tape Library System

T-Finity Tape Library System available from Teradactyl

Teradactyl is an authorized reseller of goods and services from Spectra Logic Corporation. Spectra robotic tape libraries are enterprise class systems that offer both LTO & TS1160 drive technology. All Spectra robotic systems are fully compatible and certified with the True incremental Backup System® for years of dependable operation.