Vendor Portal – Selling to our company


Vendor Portal

Selling to Teradactyl requires attention to quality and detail. Cold calls and e-mails to channels through which we do business will count very heavily against you. If you wish to engage our team, please e-mail with information, requests for appropriate contacts, scheduling requests, etc. Calling our firm an asking for owners, partners, managers, etc. without prior consent will result in placement on a barred vendor list. We ask and insist on your compliance. Interference in corporate operations is not welcome but appropriate technology and services are useful.

Tips to engage us in the vendor portal:

  • Please understand what we do! We have a considerable amount of information available on our site and expect some knowledge of our business activity before we are engaged.
  • If you have engaged us before, please provide us with information on who, when, and where for appropriate distribution.
  • This account is a clearing house and therefore general or non-specific information will not be routed.
  • Please get the correct department responsible for operations correct. Calling administration for engineering issues will result in immediate rejection.
  • Please respect our time, company resources cost us money and misuse will be considered offensive

The Teradactyl® vendor portal is designed to facilitate sales to our firm for relevant products and services. We thank you for taking the time to learn about our procedures and adhering to these guidelines.