Teradactyl Privacy Policy

teradactyl.com, teradactyl.net, teradactyl.org, teradactyl.biz, teradactyl.info, teradactyl.us, teramerge.net, teramerge.biz, teramerge.info, teramerge.org, and teramerge.us are the property of Teradactyl LLC. ("Teradactyl®"). These policies apply to all of these domains and web sites, collectively referred to as ("Site").

It is our goal to make your visit to our Site as enjoyable as possible. We also respect your privacy and will protect that privacy for all our visitors. To that end, we have established several rules to make you feel secure and comfortable when visiting our Site.

When you visit our Site, you do so anonymously. We may, however, gather information on your domain, geographic location, the length of your stay, the pages you view, and your movement patterns through the Site. We collect this information solely for our internal use and to share with our business partners. The ultimate goal for collecting this information is to make the Site better and, in turn, make it a more enjoyable experience for you and all our visitors.

There are areas of our Site in which we will ask for personal information from you. This is absolutely voluntary on your part. On certain pages of the Site, including software evaluation downloads, product quote requests, and product support requests, the user will be prompted to enter information into an online form. Information that you submit to one of our web sites in one country or language may be sent electronically to a server for one of these sites in another country. As a result, the information may be used, stored, or processed outside the country where it was recorded. However, we safeguard your data, wherever we may use, store or process it, by ensuring that it is treated as company confidential information maintained on servers we own or control. Initially, depending upon the country of origin, this information may be transferred unencrypted via the Internet to a customer management database not directly linked to our web site systems. We may use the information you provide to send you brochures or technical papers, allow you access to certain areas of the Site, establish e-mail contact with you, and process your requests. We may use this information within Teradactyl and with our business partners, but we will not release, sell, barter, or trade any individual or personal information you provide to us to any entities or individuals outside of Teradactyl® or authorized Teradactyl® partners and resellers, except in aggregate (anonymous) form. When information is provided in aggregate form, all identifiers are stripped out first. We will secure your explicit permission or document your public disclosure of our vendor - client relationship before listing you or your organization as a client of our firm.

We periodically may provide you with opportunities to subscribe to e-mail lists. This is purely voluntary on your part and, we will only use your registration information to provide you with related information in which you may be interested. We will not give or sell this e-mail list to anyone outside of Teradactyl or our business partners. If you want to be removed from our mailing list, please Contact Us.

Teradactyl® reserves the right to amend, remove, or add to these terms and conditions at any time without notice. Such modifications shall be effective immediately. Accordingly, please continue to review these terms and conditions of service whenever accessing or using this Site. Your use of the Site, or any products or service running on or downloaded from this Site, after the posting of modifications to these terms and conditions of service will constitute your acceptance of the revised terms and conditions of use Therefore, if at any time, you do not wish to accept the terms and conditions of service, then do not use or discontinue use of the Site.

Teradactyl appreciates your feedback on this privacy statement and the policies it reflects. In addition to our Online Contact System the following information can be used to contact the company via conventional mail with any questions or comments pertaining to these practices:

Teradactyl LLC.
Attn: Customer Relations

2450 Baylor Dr. S.E.

Albuquerque, NM 87106

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