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Welcome to the Teradactyl LLC. Company Information Page

Teradactyl LLC. is a high technology storage company dedicated to enterprise backup infrastructure. We manufacture the True incremental Backup System®, Aerie™ & cLuster Guard™ purpose built backup appliances, and Teradactyl® integrated Direct Attached Storage (TiDAS™) enterprise JBOD storage arrays. In addition, we provide robotic tape library systems from Spectra Logic Corporation. Teradactyl® enterprise services engages in a wide array of engineering services including project design, custom engineering, compatibility testing, OnSite integration, installation, configuration, and training. Support services for software and hardware are offered for a variety of service levels and are provided with U.S. based employees.

Teradactyl® is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The company was founded January 1999 to provide enterprise backup infrastructure for highly complex heterogeneous computing environments generating unstructured data sets with low levels of commonality. These facilities also tend to frequently deploy specialty file systems for high performance computing & wide area networks. Patented TeraMerge™ technology integrates new and changed data with information previously transferred to the backup system to generate new full backup volumes and a configurable range of intermediate backup volumes. This process is known as synthetic backup consolidation and significantly reduces the impact of backup operations on the networks and the computing assets. Appropriate design and management of synthetic backup levels and configurable backup subsystem pools provides control over granularity of data, provisioning of tiered storage resources, retention periods for classes and groups of intellectual property, and ultimately storage consumption. We provide unique solutions for enterprise backup infrastructure to leading commercial, education, government, and high performance computing organizations.

Teradactyl is 100% U.S. owned and operated in a privately held Limited Liability Company. We service clients primarily in North America and the European Union. Teradactyl primarily sells direct to large institutional customers but also works with prime contractors, integrators, and select value added resellers. Additional information on our products and services, including a statement of capabilities, can be found in our Knowledge Base.

Teradactyl specializes in the development of enterprise network backup system software for high performance computing, research, scientific, and other environments that generate data sets with relatively little commonality. The True incremental Backup System consolidates new or changed data with information already in the backup system enabling perpetual True incremental Backup with fast single pass restores. Specialty file system solutions for platforms such as AFS, Lustre, L-Store, and GPFS.

Teradactyl's Green Initiative

  • Teradactyl enhances capacity and product offerings for storage subsystems that use minimal power for data at rest
  • Teradactyl embarks on a mission to reduce systems and save energy via virtualization
  • Teradactyl upgrades remote office location to significantly more energy efficient space
  • Teradactyl enhances remote workforce capabilities
  • New Teradactyl headquarters results in a massive reduction in energy consumed despite nearly doubling our physical space
  • When possible, Teradactyl conducts installations, testing, and performs custom engineering services remotely to save time, money, and resources on transportation.
  • Teradactyl uses renewable wind energy. Starting in June 2007 much of our electricity is generated from Renewable Wind Energy produced in New Mexico. Teradactyl is a corporate member of the PNM Sky Blue™ initiative because corporate responsibility starts at home.
  • Teradactyl donates used computer hardware to education & rehabilitation organizations in the State of New Mexico, U.S.A.
  • Teradactyl began shipping all software products and information via the internet in 2004 to eliminate packaging.
  • 1999 - 2016 Teradactyl is proud to serve as a private business serving the data protection needs for many of the largest scientific institutions in the world! We specialize in backup systems engineered specifically for Unique Data Environments.

The Teradactyl Store

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