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Backup System Infrastructure Components from Teradactyl

TiBS Backup Software

True incremental Backup System PteroStor Edition can eliminate periodic network full backups on more operating and file system platforms than any other vendor. Time & size based synthetic consolidation scheduling offers greater control and data granularity. Three product versions now available.

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Complementary Storage

Teradactyl products can leverage a wide range of storage technologies to control cost, improve efficiency, extend longevity, and even protect your data in highly adverse conditions. We now offer our clients an expanded portfolio of enterprise class storage media platforms directly from Teradactyl.

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Dac – Your Pterosaur for Backup Information

Dac - Your Pterosaur for Backup Information

Teradactyl LLC. is a storage company providing software, hardware, and storage subsystems for backup system infrastructure for medium to large institutions. Teradactyl® specializes in complex heterogeneous computing environments that include specialty file systems for high performance computing & wide area networks. The True incremental Backup System® (TiBS) is designed specifically for unstructured data sets commonly found in research and scientific communities. Advanced time and size based synthetic backup consolidation transfers only new and changed data from the clients to the backup servers. All lower level backup volumes including new full backup volumes are produced on the servers without the need for network interaction. We have the unique advantage of processing more uncommon data and information from HPC, global file systems, and other emerging platforms than anyone else. Please learn about how Teradactyl provides Unique solutions for Unique data.

The PteroStor™ Edition of the True incremental Backup System® is now supporting over 500TB of primary storage per backup server in production environments (results may vary). From AFS - ZFS, TiBS is the commercial backup software for the scientific & research community including; artificial intelligence, computer science, genome research, high performance computing, language systems, planetary mapping, pharmaceutical development, space mission systems, and wide area networked distributed processing.

Since January of 1999, Teradactyl® has been researching and developing solutions for data protection of the most sophisticated heterogeneous research networks on the planet. Contact us now to see how you can elevate your data assurance infrastructure with technology that is only available from Teradactyl®.

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