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TiBS Backup Software

TiBS Backup Software can eliminate periodic network full backups on more operating and file system platforms than any other vendor. Three product versions to scale with your data size.

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Teradactyl purpose built appliances designed and built by us specifically for Teradactyl software in a range of sizes that can scale as you grow.

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Complementary Storage

Teradactyl products can leverage a wide range of storage technologies to control cost, improve efficiency, extend longevity, and even protect your data in highly adverse conditions. We now offer our clients a variety of storage platforms directly from Teradactyl.

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Teradactyl is a provider of leading-edge, scalable, reliable electronic data management solutions for distributed computing environments. We are committed to developing and introducing new, value-added, technology-based solutions and to exceed our customers expectations in delivering top-quality, expert service.